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This community is for anyone who just loves hanging around the barn and riding. Share your stories about a favorite horse or an awesome ride. So come join and get set for a fun time...Any questions contact me at: ImmortaleFiore27.
- ImmortaleFiore


1. Do not start a huge debate on Western and English. Both are accepted in this community because both have good ideas on horses and both can be used at times.
2. Respect another person's opinion about something, unless it's medical related of course.
3. Do not take any of our advice for say, vet's advice on an illness. No one here is a vet, they're just what we think from our experiences.
4. Not too much swearing and nasty language. There are people who may not appreciate it.
5. When joining, fill out a form I'll post underneath.
6. Remember, entries have to be horse related. You can say stuff about another community or whatever. But keep it HORSE RELATED.
7. Pictures and long entries behind an LJ cut, just to make everything look a little neater.

How many horses do you have?
what are their names, breeds, ages, and colours? Also how big?
What do you do with them? Event? Show? Pleasure? Trail? Other?
How long have you been riding and how did you pick up on the hobby?
What's your dream for your life when you're old? Can or cannot be horse related :0)
How often do you ride a week?
Did you train any horses?
Do you think you'll like this community?


Please promote using these banners!!!!!! Also give the link back to here for new members as well! thanks guys!