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22 June 2006 @ 09:20 pm

It's been about 5 months since I last posted pics of my girl Mystery. So I thought I'd post a few new ones I have of her, and include a few of my future horse, Onyx. In the last entry I said she was about 15yrs old... she is in actual fact somewhere between 18 and 25 (we're still not entirely sure). She was born on the farm and everyone seems to think she's been there forever. When we're out riding she has the energy and stamina of a much younger horse.

Since I started leasing Mystery, she's gained more weight, has become more forward going (to the point she is actually quite difficult to stop on occasion, especially when cantering in the huge clearing), responsive and we haven't had one of our "arguments" about when it's time to turn around and go home for quite a while. We've also had a few "fun" encounters with stallions while out riding (for some reason, she's the most desired mare on the farm). Maybe I'll dedicate an entry to those encounters... because there are a few of them :-).

A little bit about Onyx. He's about 18-24months and growing like a weed, he's already about the same height as Mystery (about 14hands), so I hope he grows some more. He's still got his baby face and fluff, and he's the sweetest and friendliest colt around. He loves attention and kisses, accepts the halter, chews on the grooming brushes while I groom him, and we've been able to pick up his front hooves without a lot of fuss, he's a little wary of us going near his back hooves, yet he lets me pull burrs out of his tail, so we've left those alone for now, don't want him to kick anyone in the head. The guy who owns the farm and all the horses has told me that he'll be my next horse once Mystery retires. A friend of mine thinks he knows I'm going to be his future mom, because everytime we walk into the paddock he heads straight for me, then goes on to say hello to everyone else. He's pitch black apart from the white stripe down his face and 3 white socks and a few golden strands of hair in his mane and tail. I was told that his father was a large palomino (Tequila, who was unfortunately put down a few months ago) and his mum is a little very dark bay by the name of midnight... not too sure how he landed up as black as he is. Yet again I'm not so sure what breed he is.

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07 June 2006 @ 12:38 am
Heyy everyone.... havent update in here in a LONG time so here i am :0) Im officially done with highschool. ya! and I was able to lease tonto again this summer. and i've rode him for the past two days.... the thing is Bonnie(my trainer) is ALREADY getting on my nerves about lessons. You dont understand...she seems SO money hungry sometimes and since im an exception to the rule she tries to back me into a corner so i HAVE to take lessons and give her money. she requires ALL boarders to take atleast one lesson a month, and since I have my own horse tech. BUT im NOT a boarder i dont have to take any lessons....SO last fall i barely took any lessons and yet still placed second in an event. tonto was absolutly amazing..thus showing me further that i dont really need lessons. so yestarday i was up at the barn and bonnie hinted about lesson " oh so your back in the groove of riding now?/...... oh thats good....well you should really get into the habit of taking lessons again..." umm yeah okay. So today i was riding and doing a course...about 2'3" and i took the first jump, wich was a diagnal, kinda sloppy and he landed on the wrong lead... well i was like okay ill change it over the next jump cause ill probably have to do that at a show anywyas...well i totally forgot that i wasnt doing the line, i was only doing the first jump and then i was circling (did i confuse you?) so i ended up getting SO discomboobulated.... well i was like okay let me do the course again from the begining.. well Bonnie was like "Rachael...you shouldnt jump anything higher than a cross bar right now...jump only the really low stuff until you have a lesson...cause your looking very sloppy" WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAH! i was flaming... so now im cornered into HAVING to take a lesson in order to be able to freaking jump when I KNOW for a FACT that i can jump PREFECTLY fine with out a lesson. i mean give me a break it was my first course of the season and i was half a sleep. i was FUMING..so pissed... so now i have to dish out 36 bucks to ride in a lesson only to prove to bonnie i can ACTUALLY ride.... but once i tkat that lesson im not taking another one for a LONG time. its all just B.S.

and sorry about the vent. forgive me but i had to do it. ill update on the situation tomorrow after the lesosn, if it doesnt rain.
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17 May 2006 @ 03:13 pm
To complete the "16 hours with a veterinarian"  requirement, I went out again with a local vet, Tere Crocker. While at our first appointment, Tere got an emergency call from a client.

THIS is why horse owners should NOT have barbwire fences!

Viewer discretion is advised. These are not pretty pictures, but for those of you who are brave enough to look, let these pictures sink in. The experience could help you in planning an equine facility in the future.

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14 May 2006 @ 10:17 pm
Early this morning, Tra ended Arlene's sleepless nights: we finally have our first baby! Nearing 3 weeks overdue, she certainly chose a memorable day to foal! I have some pictures of the beauty. She doesn't have a name yet and I don't know if Arlene's waiting for ideas or not, but the name "Crescent" comes to mind and when you see pictures of her face, you may see why.

10 May 2006 @ 10:39 pm
May 9, 2006, I went out with our awesome local Equine Veterinarian, Tere Crocker because for my Animal Health class, I need to have 16 hours shadowing a vet. She's disliked by many vets but loved by many clients and I have a very strong respect for her because she's upfront, tells it like it is, and is a true professional- it's all about the horse's well-being, happiness and health rather than money. It's hard to find vets like that nowadays. Anyways, I got a bunch of pics of the day so I'll share with you what we/she did and yaddyaddyadda.

What an eventful 12-hour day, huh?! Comments are more than welcome!

30 April 2006 @ 04:15 pm
Hey...I'm Meg, I'm new here (obviously). Well, I really don't have much time (U.S. History project put off until the last minute) but I'll post this now.

How many horses do you have? None...it's depressing, but I love the school horses.
what are their names, breeds, ages, and colours? Also how big? My favorite is a dark bay gelding named Devon. I'm not sure of his exact age, but he's a little old (still has plenty of energy though). He's a Thoroughbred, and again I'm not sure of his exact size, but he's no tiny pony.
What do you do with them? Event? Show? Pleasure? Trail? Other? I ride English...I jump a little bit, I'm not awesome at it but I do okay. I only do schooling shows every once in a while.
How long have you been riding and how did you pick up on the hobby? I've been riding for about four years...I don't know how exactly I started, but I started begging my parents for horseback riding lessons and they finally gave in one Christmas. Best Christmas present ever. Most expensive too (for them).
What's your dream for your life when you're old? Can or cannot be horse related :0) Vet, definitely. Not sure if I'll be a small animal, equine, or zoo vet. Right now I'm leaning towards either equine or zoo.
How often do you ride a week? Twice a week, but three times a week in the summer when I get a free ride for each week I work at camp.
Did you train any horses? Noo...might be helping with one next year though. Agriscience school. They might get a PMU foal.
Do you think you'll like this community? Of course! I wouldn't have joined it if I didn't think I'd like it. And it's about horses, isn't it?

Hmmm...I tend to get a little lengthy when it comes to writing. Sorry about that.
27 April 2006 @ 12:02 pm
April 26, 2006

Yesterday, my friend Justine and I went out to see my horse, Whiskey. Glad to say, it was fantastic!

When we got there, I decided to sit down in the pasture, letting him come to me when he felt ready to. Once he finally came to me, we brought him up to the barn and gave him a very deep full body massage with the rubber curry, switching off between that and the metal curry to rid him of his winter coat as much as we could. It got up to about 75 degrees MINIMUM, and he had a sweat when we pulled him from the pasture- I'm sure his thick coat didn't help any! He was in horsey heaven when we were grooming and massaging him. After that, I put him in the arena to lunge him some just to get out all that energy built up from being stuck in a pasture, which is now destroyed because of the nasty mud drying up with all those holes in then ground!

Anyways, moving on. I wanted to ride him since I hadn't for so long but because it was so hot today, it didn't seem right to stick a saddle on him. I was getting overheated in my tank top and jeans- he has a full coat! I couldn't put him through it! So instead, I thought I'd see if he would let me ride him around bareback- just at the walk, though. Sure enough, he did! I pulled out one of Arlenes plastic chair and a second lead rope, put his halter on and both leads and mounted. To my surprise, he stood completely still! Maybe it was his way of saying "thanks a million!"

After riding him, I dismounted, cleaned up our hairball mess on the ground, put everything away, fed him some grain, went and gave Holly and Tra a couple carrots- they're looking as pregnant and beautiful as ever! After he finished eating, Justine and I brought him over to the big oak tree in front of his pasture, tied him up, and rinsed him down. I cooled myself off, too, while I was at it! I pulled out my new sweat-scraper from the trunk of my car, scraped as much water off of him as I could, and brought him into the sun so he could dry a little. Oh man did it feel good to hug him! I almost envyed him!

Once he was in his pasture, we gave him a carrot. Well, half of a carrot- we gave the other half to his pasturemate, Shiloh. I could tell you that Whiskey wasn't very happy! He couldn't figure out where his other half went! So he started searching Justine and I for it. Haha. After about 5-10 minutes, he finally goes over toward the vineyards and rolls- luckily he only rolled on one side! Then Shiloh looked as if he was going to, too, but he never did. You know, I've never seen that horse roll? It's strange.

Anyways, now that you know the story, here are some pictures behind it!

09 April 2006 @ 11:27 pm
Well, after 7 months of being at the trainers...Dually came home! I was planning on meeting the trainer at the barn today so that I could watch her ride him and she was going to put him in the bitting rig (that way I can know how to continue that). But, as do lots of shows, the show that my trainer was at this morning was running longer than anticipated so plans got changed. I lunged him and took some pictures (see below). It took about 20 minutes of coaxing and bribing of carrots to get him in the trailer...but finally he stayed in! :) He was rather good on the way home...very little movement...I was impressed.

We got home and he was re-united with his momma and our other mare, Prize. Lets just say, Prize was NOT pleased to see him!! He used to antagonize her to no end! Poor girl. We just let them socialize (over the fence) and he will start work again tomorrow as long as weather allows it. Anyways, on to the pictures!! Beware...there are lots!

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07 April 2006 @ 08:00 pm
April 7, 2006

We had another good stretch of weather today. Well, not good but fair. It didn't rain until about 5pm, so I was able to go out and enjoy myself with my horse. I started out lunging him around with a feeling that he was going to be completely high strung, but he wasn't! He was actually REALLY calm today! I guess lunging him a couple days ago REALLY helped him with his bad manners. Today I also rode him for the first time in about a month and I asked Arlene to get pictures of me riding him only because I don't really have any, so those will be included in today's slideshow ^_^  In the middle of my ride, Arlene needed help bringing 3 70lb sacks of grain into the barn, so I got off, pulled the reins tight and put them up behind his ears so if he moved around, they wouldn't flop to the ground, and I went and helped her. He gave us the most pathetic look ever! He's gotten really good about being left alone- when I first started working with him, I couldn't even leave him tied up without him freaking out. He's come so far!

Alrighty, enough of the chit-chat. Here are the pictures!