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22 July 2006 @ 12:31 pm
How many horses do you have? Two and a half. I own two geldings and I am in the process of aquiring a bay mare I have trained.

what are their names, breeds, ages, and colors? Also how big? Narley Bob Marley, aka Marley: 24 year old morgan cross gelding, black with a large star. Chevalier Noir aka Chev/Chevy/Cheval: 4 year old percheron gelding, black with a small star and tiny tiny almost invisiable snip and a sock on his left rear leg. Doc's Impressive Desire, aka Jamie/James: 14 year old solid bay quarter horse mare.

What do you do with them? Event? Show? Pleasure? Trail? Other? Marley is a retired cutting horse and up until this year was used as a lesson horse as well but is now pretty much in full retirment only occassionally giving rides to small children. Chev is in training at the moment under a western saddle and in another year will be moved to an english saddle and have dressage training put to him, and some jumping when he's of an appropriate age and mentality, I will likely sell him after this. Jamie is primarily a trail horse these days though formerally she was a broodmare and lesson horse before her current owner purchased her and had me put three months on her. If I buy Jamie I will put her through cutting training as she's got cow sense coming out her slightly mule-ish ears.

How long have you been riding and how did you pick up on the hobby? I started ridding when I was five, I'm now twenty three coming fast to twenty four. My family has a story they tell that the moment I could talk I started asking for a horse. In fact my second word was "hoss".

What's your dream for your life when you're old? Can or cannot be horse related: My wife and I plan to purchase 100 acres or more some where and start a breeding program for Spanish mustangs, using foundation quarter horse and paint stock to mix in for bloodline diversity and promote the spanish mustang around the western half of the united states as the ultimate cowboy horse.

How often do you ride a week? Every day.

Did you train any horses? I broke my first horse at 13, I now make a living training horses.

Do you think you'll like this community? Sure do hope so.
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ADiFranimmortalefiore on July 23rd, 2006 01:15 am (UTC)
Welcome :)
Sounds like you have some amazing horses!!